Private Equity Investments

Tower Grange Finance is a boutique private equity business focused on providing investment to make acquisitions or equity investments In companies that are innovative and technology focused in the energy and telecoms sectors.

Onsite Energy projects

Onsite Energy projects delivers fully funded energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses, providing energy savings without capex. Onsite team has experience in delivering energy savings solutions into mission critical facilities, without compromising operations and ensuring the solutions improve business resilience.


The acquisition of a controlling interest in technology security provider Spriteguard. TGF and Sorcery led a consortium of intellectual property investors and existing shareholders to conclude the deal. Spriteguard's proprietary technology protects wi-fi providers like hotels, cafes and shared locations such as airport lounges from 'squatters' who deceive users in to believing they are signing up for the host's free service. In reality, they are signing in to a criminal's server, putting passwords, sensitive data and financial resources at risk.