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Our approach

We will provide bridging loans up to £10m on any given transaction, secured against a suitable property asset. Generally, our term does not exceed 18 months.

We also provide development finance as lead lender and often work in joint venture with contractors or developers to share risk and rewards. Here are the main benefits of dealing with us:


Our directors are lending their own money and that of private funding partners and any enquiry will go straight to a decision-maker. We can respond within a day to your enquiry with a decision in principle. Professionalism and speed are our hallmarks.


We lend private money so we’re not hidebound by institutional bureaucracy or lending rules. We judge each application on its merits and can be as flexible as the situation requires.


We have a deep understanding of the property market and can bring real value to a transaction in terms of pricing, structure and term. You’re dealing with the directors on a one-to-one basis and our service is therefore highly personal and focused on you, the client. Whatever your requirement you will find us highly competitive as well as easy to deal with.


Our terms and conditions are clear, straightforward and explained from the outset so that you can be comfortable that everything is as it should be. We’re absolutely clear about our charges and interest rates from the outset. We’re jargon-free, plain speaking folk and you only ever deal with the decision-makers.